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  • Project #1


    PROBLEM: For this servicer, we were task with building a Government servicing unit for FHA, VA and USDA loans. The difficult was the servicer had been servicing FHA and VA loans as Conventional loans and was out of compliance and facing fines and penalties from HUD. 

    SOLUTION: Design compliant GSE platform with Visio workflows, Policy and Procedures, Updated MSP with the correct mapping to now push data into SFDMS,  Updated Task scripts so we can now pull departmental reporting, Hired 52 employees, Trained all staff including Cash and Investor Accounting. (Departments built and serviced are the following: Collections, Loss Mitigation, Foreclosure, Eviction, Property Preservation, Claims and Conveyance)​

    RESULTS: All government loans were place in MSP from Fiserv and other proprietary software's, work with Compliance and Legal to document that all HUD findings have been corrected and controls put in placed to insure compliant process moving forward. As a requirement, all staff touching FHA loans have to be certified by the US Department of HUD, National Servicing Center. 

  • Project #2


    PROBLEM: Large nationwide servicer, was not processing FHA claims and stakeholders were concern about curtailments 

    SOLUTION: Audited all current FHA loans and documented servicing issues, set-up new process allowing FHA claims to be filed successfully ensuring compliance with HUD guidelines, Re-engineered Default Reporting process to use MSP systematic functionality including EDI transmission to HUD, Created the order of events for Property Preservation, Conveyance, Evictions and mapped into Process Management in accordance to HUD guidelines including float days, re-projections and extension of time. 

    RESULTS: HUD scorecard for servicer increase from 46% to 72% in one quarter and remediated all identified process and control gaps (approx. 175) across REO, Property Preservation, Conveyance, Evictions and Claims. As part of process improvement, Curtailment Calculator was created for Claims unit.


  • Project #3

    SCOPE OF PROJECT - Serve on the Board of Non-Profit

    PROBLEM: Non-Profit needed to find experience employees to mentor at risk kids, remodel distress facility, and update computers in kids learning center​

    SOLUTION: Formulated strategic partnership with another Non-Profit that houses homeless Veterans. Designed program that provides training for Veterans and employment opportunities​

    RESULTS: Several Veterans are employed by Non-Profit. Database and profile with skill levels has been created of employable Veterans. Rehab was completed 100% by Veterans. Every 3 months a career fair is held specifically for Veterans. Also, Veterans were given tools to rebuild credit for better jobs and housing.